Best On Page SEo for your Small Business

Have you ever tried to rank your own website inside of Google for the sole purpose of generating results to your business online. Most search engine optimization experts struggle with trying to figure everything out by themselves online and sometimes to just need hire an Detroit SEo Expert for getting you the best results to your business online.

There are about 5 different things that you’re going need to focus on besides all 200 factors that an article that I read a while back online. Ranking doesn’t need to be overwhelming but understanding the basics online for the best results.

Everything is about Results Online…

What you should focus on with SEO

Detroit SEo services This information is provided from an Detroit SEO that help us create this content for the best results and seeing what you need to focus on. You could run around and try to figure out the entire process with ranking online or you could just read this entire post and gather the most information from the post online!

Down below, we’ll give you some other resources for helping with SEo or maybe you want to hire someone and just want to understand the basics for you can speak the same language inside of search engine optimization.

Your On Page SEO is going come down to a few things and the resource about the 200 factors you don’t need to focus on all them. Some of the first thing you need to focus on is Title, keywords and description.

We’ll be going through each one of them one by one and think this will be the idea for your website to create results to your website. In addition, we’ll be going through the Google spam Penalty first before going through those factors!

Google Spam Penalty

Understanding the Google spam penalty and if you have this on your website you’re going have to start all over with a brand new website for your brand. One because that you’ll never be able to hit the first page on Google ever.

Now on the other hand, if it’s just one of your sub-pages you can just delete the page and start all over with ranking the actual page online. There will be a little video down below I found about Google spam penalty and showing how to look for the spam penalty.

Fixing the spam penalty is whole different beast itself and it’s beyond the focus on this Page. You wanted to run you through the basics for small business to understand SEO and not really going in full detailed description about everything.

So, there will be a video for you can view and this video does over Lawn SEO but gives you the understanding of the spam penalty inside of Google for giving you the comprehension of the actual penalty.

Check down Below for more information about the Google Spam Penalty

Your Title

Now Your Title is going be one of the most important factors, when it comes to ranking! Let’s say you in Real Estate and you want to Rank for Austin Real Estate Homes for sale. So, you’re going want to rank for that keyword and want to put that in your title tag!

So, you could be your title as “Austin Real Estate | homes for sale in Austin” Another example could be construction in Detroit  “ Copperas Cove Roofing

Better Examples could be something of the  nature of “ Brand name| Austin Real Estate or Brand name| Copperas cove Roofing.”

Url Structure for your website

So, we’ll stick with Austin Real Estate for the sole purpose of understanding the URL structure and we’re trying to rank for Austin Real Estate for that page!

There are a couple examples of how this could be done:

AustinrealEstate.com or Newhomeforsale.com/Austin-real-estate-homes/ or Newhomesforsale.com/Austin-real-estate and hopefully that clears it up…

It’s much easier to rank with your keyword inside of the your URL structure because you’ll already be focusing inside of that keyword for the best results to your business.

Meta Tag Description

Meta tag description is what people will be reading from the search engine and an example will be down below for more information about the subject in hand. Then, you’ll also want to put your focus keyword inside of the description for the best result.

This the meta tag is still helping rank your website in 2016 and you need to keep doing this until Google changes some of the key factors when it comes to ranking online.

Austin SEO Consultant

How Content needs to be inside of your Page?

Been pushing this a little hard, when it comes to writing content and wrote 3,000 words, 2500, 1500, 1k and less; been doing a lot of testing through the weeks to see how much. If, you follow a lot of white SEO’s you’ll notice one-thing and that’s writing long unique content for every single page online.

Did that and that’s not effective. So, I write article straight to the point without making people read the entire article. Don’t know about you, but can’t stand reading from a computer and try to make everything simple for everyone to understand.

My goal is writing no more than 1500 words for the On Page Content!

What About Keywords On Page?

Keywords a huge topic, when it comes to ranking pages online for the best results to establish authority through topic online. You’ll get keyword stuffers talking about you need 2%-5% keywords on your page.

That couldn’t be any more wrong than me saying it right now. So, what is working with writing content and keywords. So, looking through the keywords is about 7 keywords on Page for the exact and throwing some LSI keywords..

Basically LSI keywords would be like, if you were ranking for Austin Real Estate, selling your home, real Estate and anything close to your keyword just not the exact keyword..

Authority Links for your Website

So, we’ve already talked about Titles, Url Structure, and description for ranking your website and of course you’re going need keyword on the page. The most important factor is going be creating high authority links back to your website for the best results online.

There are many ways that you can create high authority links back to your website.

Here’s a few white strategies that you can use for link building:

21 White Hat strategies

17 Untapped resources

Those strategies are a lot of networking and one of the easiest ways to build authority to your website is through building your own links back to your website for the strategy. This strategy is buying expired domains and throwing links on them.

Back in day, that’s all you would have to do! Now you need to include signals to equation for the best rankings. This means finding a way to get Facebook shares, Facebook Likes, Tweets, G+, LinkedIn shares, Pins and everything that’s going online for the best result for you can achieve success with strategy.

This strategy is gives you the ability to control your own links and able to send them anywhere you want to send them to. There’s a lot of different ways to set them up and we’ll be covering later since, this is the home page!

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